The story: Techno, originally created in the USA by several legends from Detroit and Chicago always had a hard time for true recognition domestically. Yet, the music was exported to Europe where Chicago and Detroit DJs were booked and hailed as superstars.

In their homeland, it remained an underground scene.

Since the techno scene in Europe grew so strong, it is a misconception among many that techno originates from Europe. Now in the 2000’s as ‘EDM’ floods the major US cities, we want to educate people about the existence of techno in its purest underground form. That’s why we gather and party.

We’re on a mission to make techno bigger and the events more spectacular @ the best locations cities like Seattle have to offer.

In that spirit, we asked everyone to dress in camouflage wear!

From AREA 303 THE MISSION. Posted by Area 303 on 12/29/2015 (48 items)

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